5 wedding style tips every guy should know


This post is for anyone who has no idea what to wear to a wedding over the next few months. Read on and rest assured that what you’ll learn today will guarantee that you’ll be well prepared.

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Never Upstage The Groom

Though you will score a few ‘style points’ and maybe get a little extra attention from the bridesmaids, this rule is a MUST. We all have that buddy who’s a little rough around the edges. Upstaging him isn’t all that difficult but if it’s his big day, let the spotlight stay on him.

Know The Dress-Code Ahead of Time

Especially if you’re thinking about wearing your ‘go-to’ suit. It’s worth knowing if this is going to be an outdoor wedding, destination, or a black-tie event. No matter what the situation, dress accordingly. Black-tie means a tuxedo with a bow-tie. Destination weddings come with more freedom since you can get away with wearing boat shoes with a light coloured suit.

Know The Dress-Code Ahead of Time (via White Magazine)

Be Mindful of The Material

Warm weather weddings need breathable, light-weight suits made out of materials like linen. Another common option is seersucker but that’s a tough one to pull off. When done incorrectly it sends a very casual message and runs the risk of looking sloppy. Stick to linen or a lightweight cotton and you’ll be all good.

Mix & Match Your Tailored Pieces

Just because you own a matching suit jacket and pants doesn’t mean that you HAVE to wear them together all of the time. Keep it simple by mixing up your tops and bottoms by either sticking to no more than 3 neutral colours (including your shoes). If you decide to go the patterned route try plaid pants with a solid blazer and shirt. Too much pattern mixing will get complicated and could draw the wrong kind of attention.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Personality Because It’s A Formal Event

You can achieve this while staying respectful to the dress-code of the wedding. No need to go for loud colours and patterns when it comes to your suit. However, when it comes to your shirt, socks, and other accessories like a tie feel free to let loose. This is a great way to stand out without being to aggressive.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Personality Because It’s A Formal Event (via Vogue)

Last Thoughts

Wedding season is a blast! It’s the best time of year to experiment with your look since the number of options isn’t limited to what we’d normally wear to the office.

Feel free to break away from the standard navy or grey suits and try out a lighter blue or something patterned. When it comes to accessories, make sure to match your tie and pocket square if you choose to wear either. You could also experiment with knit ties and my personal favourite – bow ties!

Remember: “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. And if you play good, they pay good.”

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