How to look younger for a man?


The concept of “looking younger” is most often associated with women, but there are plenty of men who want to take steps to hide the effects of aging. Whether you are trying to look better for work, impress a lady or feel better about your self, simple changes to your daily routine can help you look and feel younger. By taking the gray out of your hair, wrinkles off your skin or pounds off your body, you can take years off your look.

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Deal with unwanted hair

Deal with unwanted hair (via The Idle Man)

Whether you like the look of a mustache or just don’t feel like shaving, that extra scruff definitely has an impact on your appearance. Daily Republic reported findings from a British study that indicated men with facial hair looked about 10 years older than they actually were. The other good thing about shaving is that it doubles as a way to keep your skin healthier. High 50 explained taking a razor to your face sloughs off dead skin cells and helps stimulate collagen production, which will make your face appear younger.

Getting rid of the goatee might not be enough for some guys, because eyebrow, nose, and ear hair can make you look like an unkempt old man. About Style suggested investing in a nose and ear hair trimmer to keep yourself properly groomed. They’re easy to find at the drugstore, and equally easy to use.

Add some color to your clothes

Add some color to your clothes (via Style Jeans)

Most guys tend to gravitate toward clothes that are black, gray, or navy, and possibly brown for some occasions. While those are great essential pieces, you can inject a lot more youth into your look by adding a different hue to your regular rotation. We recommend you finding something that brings out your eyes. Don’t just pick any green or blue, though. Instead, actually take a peek at your peepers to look for hints of other colors that are less obvious.

Supplement your diet with omega 3s

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that may help promote healthy-looking skin. Luckily, it’s easy to get more of this nutrient in your diet. Up your intake of fatty fish like salmon and tuna, and make sure you take a pharmaceutical-grade omega 3 supplement to get the most benefit.

Focus on more than just your face

While your face is the first thing that most people notice, your hands, feet and even your chest need proper care, too – they are also susceptible to aging signs like wrinkles and age spots. By using a men’s body lotion and men’s body wash regularly, you’ll infuse your skin with healthy antioxidants that can delay aging signs and maintain your skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Focus on more than just your face (via

Consume enough protein

Your body uses protein and amino acids to repair and rebuild cells in your body – that includes skin cells. A men’s whey protein powder is a simple way to boost your protein and amino acid for younger-looking. You can mix MenScience Whey Formula with water, milk or your favorite shake – it’s extremely versatile.

Revisit your sunblock

If you use an SPF 15 sunblock or skip it altogether, you’re not doing enough to protect your skin from sun damage. Sun damage is one of the leading causes of wrinkles and other aging signs in men’s skin, so it’s important you use a men’s sunscreen that works against both UVA/UVB rays.

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