How to Party Like a Gentleman


In this video men’s style, grooming and fitness expert, Aaron Marino of, talks about 10 simple party etiquette tips to ensure you are parting like a gentleman.

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You, my friend, are becoming quite the gentleman! Along with the new found gentleman status, you will have parties, gatherings, events, extravaganzas, and functions to attend. But how do you attend one of these as a gentleman? Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses with details.

How to Attend a Party

1.Always know who is throwing the party, a little bit about the person, and why the party is being thrown, especially if you’re going as a friend-of-a-friend. Do your homework ahead of time.

2. Dress-up a little bit more than the other party attendees.

3. Never show up empty handed. Show up with a guest for the host, which could be as simple as a nice bottle of wine.

4. When arriving, stop as you enter the room and look for someone you know. Make a beeline to that person. If you don’t find a person that you know, find the host / hostess.

5. Bring cash for an open bar in order to tip the bartender, which is good form. Tip really well on the first drink for preferential treatment and to be served before everyone else.

6. Seek out strangers by getting outside your comfort zone. Approach the person who is by himself and not feeling comfortable. Then introduce the stranger to your friends.

7. Know when to network and know when to socialize as a *normal* human being. Don’t be *that guy*!

8. Don’t get smashed! There is nothing good about being a sloppy, drunk, mess– the guy people are telling people stories about. If you’ve been there, it’s no fun. A gentleman moderates his alcohol consumption.

9. Say goodbye to the host / hostess before leaving.

10. Don’t drink and drive ever.